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Looking for Nissan service in Cambridge? Whether you are due for your Nissan maintenance, have a Nissan recall, or just want to get an oil change, our trained Nissan service staff are ready to help you out. Our professional mechanics are expertly trained to service Nissan vehicles and perform all necessary auto repairs to ensure you and your passengers a safe and comfortable ride.

Our Nissan service center has an on-site auto repair shop where you can get a certified Nissan service mechanic to diagnose and fix your vehicle. We operate on a first come first serve basis for walk-in service or you can book an appointment ahead of time with the Greg Vann Nissan Service Department.

Many issues with your vehicle can be solved with some basic maintenance. Do you experience annoying vibrations when driving on the road? The solution could be as simple as using our tire balancing machine. Are your tires wearing unevenly on one side? A tire rotation can help. Is your steering wheel vibrating? Is your car pulling to one side? Your vehicle probably needs a wheel alignment. Is your car using more gas than usual? It could need a new fuel filter or engine air filter, or maybe your tire pressure is too low. Whatever your auto service needs are, Greg Vann Nissan Service Department is ready to help.

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Greg Vann Nissan Service Department offers free coffee and tea, free cookies and free wireless internet. Our waiting room also includes a vending machine, water cooler, and two washrooms.

Tire Storage Services

Greg Vann Nissan Service Department now offers no hassle, low cost tire storage service. Store your winter tires and all season tires in our secure & insured tire storage warehouse. Each tire is recorded, then tagged and shipped to our warehouse. When you wish to get your tires out from storage, you can simply call the Greg Vann Nissan Service Department. Then within 2 days, your tires will be ready for pick-up from the Service Department.

Oil Change & Maintenance

Looking for an oil change Cambridge? Customers can drop in to our Cambridge auto service center anytime during business hours, no appointment necessary, and one of our Nissan service advisors will be happy to assist you! Our oil changes and maintenance are performed on a first come first serve basis, so if you are on a tight schedule, you can call in to book a service appointment ahead of time, and our Nissan service advisors will do their best to accommodate you with a time slot that works best for you!

Not sure if you need maintenance? Check out our online Nissan Service Maintenance Menu to see if your vehicle is due!

Cambridge Nissan Auto Repair Shop

Our Cambridge auto repair shop offers many auto repair services.

Car Battery

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In modern cars most systems are controlled electronically, so car battery maintenance is becoming more important. The ignition system is electronic, fuel injection system is electronic, even the automatic transmission is electronically controlled. So if you’ve got car battery problems, you could have a lot more issues than just starting your car. Let our expert mechanics take care of your car battery maintenance in our auto shop, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.


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There can often be a lot more to brake service than simply replacing brake pads. Noises or vibrations while braking can indicate a problem with brake rotors. If you feel like your vehicle is dragging, this can indicate seized calipers. Proper brake servicing is key to keeping the long term cost of maintaining your brake system as low as possible. Our professionally trained Nissan technicians can perform high quality brake service in our on-site auto repair shop.

Check Engine Light

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The most common causes of a check engine light include loose or faulty gas caps, faulty sensors, air intake issues, a dirty or clogged catalytic converter, poor car battery condition, low alternator voltage output, worn out spark plugs or faulty spark plug cables, or even problems with the electronic systems. The check engine light can also indicate more serious engine problems or transmission problems. Have our Nissan mechanics perform vehicle diagnostics in our automotive repair shop to see what’s wrong!

Exhaust System

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The exhaust system is responsible for reducing harmful emissions, suppressing noise, and enhancing the performance of the engine. The exhaust system carries the toxic waste gasses away from the engine, converts them into less harmful gasses and expels them out the rear of the vehicle. Exhaust system problems can pose a safety threat to occupants, and cause other issues with various components of your vehicle. If you suspect a problem with your exhaust system, our mechanics highly recommend bringing your vehicle in for service in our auto repair shop.


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If you’ve been feeling every little bump on the road, or if your car seems to bounce more than once after a speedbump or pothole, there could be an issue with your suspension. There’s a good chance your vehicle has worn out shocks or struts. Suspension problems can lead to other issues like premature tire wear, or loose steering and poor handling. If you find oil leaking from the shocks or struts, that is a sure sign of a problem, and you can bring your car into our auto repair shop to have our mechanics fix it for you.


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If you turn the key in the ignition or press the start button and nothing happens, or all you hear is a click sound, there could be an issue with your car starter. If you hear a buzzing or clattering sound, the problem is more likely to be with the car battery. In order for the solenoid to engage the flywheel, there has to be sufficient electrical power, especially in order for the starter to start your car in the excessive heat of the summer or the extreme cold of the winter. If you are having trouble starting your vehicle, our trained mechanics can service it in our auto repair shop.

Safety Systems

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The onboard computer works in conjunction with many different sensors in your vehicle to facilitate proper operations of your car safety systems. They enable advanced features such as the blind spot warning, predictive collision warning, forward predictive braking, and intelligent cruise control. These safety sensors also enable standard vehicle safety features such as anti lock braking systems (ABS) and airbag deployment. Our Nissan auto service mechanics work hard to ensure your vehicle keeps you as safe as possible on the road.

Air Conditioning

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Over time, car air conditioning units eventually experience wear and tear and can stop functioning properly. Having a faulty climate control system in your vehicle can lead to unsafe conditions for driving such as foggy car windows. Our professional mechanics can diagnose and perform air conditioning repairs in our on-site auto repair shop. If your car is taking a long time to heat up or cool down inside, or doesn’t seem to remove humidity, there could be a problem with the a/c unit. Problems such as a refrigerant leak, blower motor malfunction, or faulty condenser can require auto repairs.

Wheel Bearings

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If you are noticing noises coming from under your vehicle while driving, the issue might be worn out wheel bearings. Sounds such as humming, squealing, squeaking, clicking, clunking, snapping, or knocking while turning, accelerating or shifting gears indicate problems. If you experience any kind of unusual sounds, the best thing you can do is have our mechanics perform a vehicle inspection. Ignoring these problems can lead to additional damage to your car, and even increase the risk of an accident.


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If your car has trouble starting, or starts but stalls while driving, this could indicate alternator problems. Other alternator problems can include car lights dimming, problems with your car stereo output, and more. An alternator that is unable to supply enough power to the car electronics can result in accessories not working properly or not working at all. These issues could indicate seized alternator bearings, broken alternator housing or mountings, a faulty pulley or a loose alternator belt.

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Greg Vann Nissan Parts Department

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