6 Tips for Buying Used Cars in Cambridge

When shopping for used cars, you may be inclined to look for the cheapest ones available. Buying the cheapest second hand cars can lead to a high number of expensive complications. At Greg Vann Nissan, we protect you from hidden expenses. We ensure that our customers can comfortably buy safe and reliable used vehicles at fair prices.

Vehicle Reconditioning

Greg Vann Nissan strives to be the best used car dealer Cambridge offers. We always put in the extra effort by reconditioning and servicing vehicles far better than the industry standard. Some used car dealers only do the bare minimum to certify a vehicle. Less reputable used car dealership in Cambridge might only make the measurements in brakes and tires to just barely pass a safety check. At Greg Vann Nissan, we only stock quality used cars on trade in. We are very familiar with the vehicles that we buy and sell, because we often buy them from our loyal customers who have taken good care of their vehicle.

Take Your Time

Deciding which vehicle to buy with your hard earned money is a very important decision that shouldn’t be rushed. Dealing with pushy sales people trying to persuade you to purchase something you don’t want can be a very uncomfortable experience. We employ a no commission sales staff which creates a non-competitive team environment, where everyone is happy to assist you. This facilitates a comfortable, low pressure shopping experience for our customers.

Transparency and Honesty

When it comes to selling cars, Greg Vann Nissan values transparency and honesty. A lesser-known used car dealer might not supply a Carfax report, but our dealership does. Our sales team ensures our customers are fully aware of history of the vehicle, including full disclosure regarding previous repairs.

Many of the other used car dealers in Cambridge are selling low quality vehicles that may result in unexpected and expensive problems down the road. Greg Vann Nissan only buys and sells reliable vehicles to ensure we are worthy of trust and customer satisfaction. Professional Nissan mechanics inspect all of our used cars and perform vehicle maintenance on them.

Used Vehicle Certification

Many of the used cars for sale at Greg Vann Nissan are backed by the Nissan Certified pre owned program (CPO). Peer to peer transactions are often prone to hidden issues and misinformation. When you shop at an OMVIC (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council) certified dealer you are protected by law. The common saying in the auto industry goes “If you buy cheap, you buy twice.” Greg Vann Nissan offers fair priced vehicles that are road ready with no unexpected surprises.

Vehicle Inspection

For added peace of mind, you are welcome to bring a mechanic to our car dealership to perform a vehicle inspection. If someone selling a car refuses to allow one of your trusted mechanics to inspect it, that’s a big red flag.

Test Drives

If you are interested, you are also welcome to request a test drive in one of our vehicles. Always ask to test drive any vehicle you may consider purchasing. The seller may refuse, which could indicate that they are trying to hide problems with the vehicle.

Our car dealership is located at 2386 Eagle Street North in Cambridge, beside 401 Auto Financing and the Cambridge Toyota dealer, and in front of Valet Car Wash. We are directly across from Kal Tire and Car Boutique.

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