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Thirteen years before the Nissan Ariya, Nissan produced their first electric car, the Nissan Leaf. It was one of the most affordable electric cars on the market at the time of its release. The Nissan Leaf range was around 160km on average and has since grown to around 342km with the 2023 model.

The Ariya is the first Nissan electric SUV. The electric car battery capacity of the Ariya can be either 63kWh or 87kWh. This puts the Nissan Ariya range between 330km and 490km depending on the trim level. Longer range per charge means a stress-free journey with much less trip planning around EV charging stations.

Nissan Ariya Trim Levels

The Nissan Ariya comes in 6 different trim levels:

Nissan Ariya Engage

The Nissan Ariya Engage trim level is the most affordable with a range of 348km. It features front wheel drive, a heated steering wheel, power sliding center console, ANDON Interior Lighting, Pro-pilot assist with Navi-Link, Dual 312mm displays, 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels with aero wheel covers, Wireless Apple Car Play Integration, and Android Auto Compatibility.

Nissan Aria Evolve e-4orce

The Nissan Ariya Evolve e-4orce trim level is the second most affordable with a range of 330km. It features e-4orce All Wheel Drive. It includes everything from the Ariya Engage Model, in addition to a Wireless Charger, Heads Up Display (HUD), Intelligent All-Around View Monitor, 8-Way power adjustable seating, Panoramic Moonroof, Power Lift Gate, and other features.

Nissan Aria Venture+

The Nissan Ariya Venture+ trim level is the third most affordable Ariya model. As of now the Ariya Venture Plus is Nissan’s longest range EV SUV at 490km. The Venture+ includes much of the same features as the Engage model, in addition to signature LED headlights, Front and Rear Sonar System, a larger battery capacity and more.

Nissan Ariya Evolve+

The Nissan Ariya Evolve+ trim level is the fourth most affordable level. The Ariya Evolve Plus has a range of 465km. It includes all of the equipment from the Venture+, and most of the features of the e-4orce model, as well as a Bose Premium Sound System with 10 speakers.

Nissan Ariya Platinum+ e-4orce

The Nissan Ariya Platinum+ e-4orce trim level is the fifth most affordable level. The Ariya Platinum Plus has a range of 426km. It features e-4orce All Wheel Drive, all of the equipment from the Ariya Evolve Plus model, as well as a Motion Activated Lift Gate, ProPilot Park, Contextual Line Illumination, Memory System for Steering Wheel and front passenger, Power Center Storage with tray table, Climate Controlled Seating in the front (heating and cooling), and Intelligent Rear View Mirror.

Nissan Ariya Premiere+ e-4orce

The Nissan Ariya Premiere+ e-4orce trim level is the fully loaded version of the Ariya with all of the equipment and features of the Ariya Platinum Plus Model, in addition to Desaturated bronze coloured wheel aero covers, Nappa leather seats, illuminated kick plates and Premiere grade badging. The Premier Plus e-4orce model is Nissan’s best luxury EV model currently offered.

Nissan Ariya Charging

Never worry about gas prices again! The Ariya comes with an EV charger that can be plugged into the wall in a 3-pronged large appliance socket. You can charge smarter using a smartphone application that allows you to schedule your electric vehicle charging automatically, so you can save money by charging your EV when electricity rates are the at the lowest price.

Are you the adventurous type? With the rapid expansion of the public charging network including fast charging stations, you can plan your EV adventure with confidence. The Intelligent Route Planner can map the quickest route to your destination and locate each charge point along the way for a next level road trip experience.


The Ariya interior offers the driver and passenger a truly unique electric vehicle experience. The haptic feedback of the illuminated touch screen control feels engaging and futuristic. With next generation voice control and an advanced heads up display projecting vital details onto the windshield, you’ll be safer and feel more secure in knowing you never have to take your eyes off the road.

Price Range

The Nissan Ariya price range starts at $52,998 CAD for the most basic Ariya trim level, to upwards of $69,998 CAD for the most luxury Ariya trim level. Overall, Greg Vann Nissan believes the price and features of the Nissan Ariya make it one of the best electric vehicles for the money that the auto industry has to offer.

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