5 Reasons to Buy Vehicles at Car Dealerships

When it comes to buying vehicles, car dealerships can offer many advantages over buying from unlicensed street sellers.  Although a random stranger could offer you a lower price in the short term, there’s a good chance that you could end up paying extra for it in the long term. Street sellers may not necessarily disclose the full history of the vehicle, leaving you with expensive problems and no option for recourse. Random cars listed on the internet often come with a catch: they look great in appearance, but they are falling apart behind the scenes.


Car Dealerships are Reputable Businesses


Car dealerships have reputations to uphold in the eye of the public. You can easily look up a car dealer on the internet and check their reviews to see if they have happy customers. Street sellers come and go as they please, and there is usually no way to find out if they can be trusted.


Different Purchasing Options


Unlicensed individual sellers typically only accept cash up front for the vehicles they sell. Car dealerships can offer different types of purchasing options and payment plans tailored to the needs of a customer. A car dealership can often provide better interest rates than banks when it comes to financing a vehicle.


Knowledge and Expertise


Many car dealers have been in the auto industry for decades, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. A good dealership will have skilled mechanics that inspect the vehicles before they are sold, whereas an unlicensed seller may have never popped the hood. A dealership will also have sales staff trained to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the vehicle history. Sales staff can even compare features and specifications across different models.


Test Drives


Another advantage that car dealerships offer, is that they allow their customers to test drive cars before deciding on a purchase. Everyone is unique in their driving preferences, so it helps to be able to get a feel for how a vehicle drives before spending money on it. If you have questions about features or controls in a vehicle, a sales employee can accompany you on the test drive to provide explanations of how they work.


Warranty Protection


An important difference that separates car dealerships from unlicensed sellers, is that they offer warranty protection packages. If something unexpected happens to your vehicle down the road, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are financially covered. If you buy from an unlicensed individual, all unexpected repairs will end up coming out of your bank account.