When taking care of your vehicle, a car wash can have more benefits than you may realize. Washing your car can protect the paint from damage, and prevent rust and corrosion underneath. As a result, your vehicle can increase in resale value in the long run. In addition, car washes can improve visibility of your windows and mirrors, making it safer for driving. Besides the practical bonuses, having a clean car feels great too.

Valet Car Wash

valet car wash cambridge ontario building front

When it comes to choosing the best car wash in Cambridge, Greg’s pick is Valet Car Wash. Valet has served Cambridge and 8 other locations in Ontario in the car washing industry for over 32 years. Not only do they offer both interior and exterior washes, they also have self service wash bays.

valet car wash cambridge ontario self serve wash bays

Other than their wash services, they also offer rustproofing, detailing and oil changes. The self serve wash bays are open 24/7, which is perfect if you have a busy schedule. Another notable feature that Valet offers, is a free vacuum station where you can clean out your interior after washing.

valet car wash cambridge ontario free vacuums

Exterior Wash Options

Valet Car Wash offers 4 tiers of exterior drive through wash services designed to give you the best value. Their 4 tiers are as follows: Express, Plus, Protect, and Extreme. Each tier offers modestly priced single washes, with the option to upgrade to the Velocity membership. With the Velocity membership, you have access to unlimited washes at your selected tier. After only 2 washes per month, you end up saving money, while keeping your vehicle looking beautiful year-round.

Interior Wash Options

Options for interior vehicle cleaning include 4 tiers of service. The 4 tiers are as follows: Basic Light Clean, Ultra Clean, Works Express, and Works Express Plus. Basic Light Clean includes the following services: light vacuuming, dusting, wiping, mat spraying, window cleaning, as well as door jam and sills cleaning. The Ultra Clean package includes everything from Basic, plus the following: towel drying, ventilation purge, thorough vacuuming, extensive wipe down, interior protectant, and rubber mat rinsing. The Works Express package includes everything from Ultra Clean, in addition to: a complimentary extreme wash, express carpet or seats shampoo, carpet mats shampoo, and tire shine with rims wiped. The Works Express Plus includes all of the above, plus all seats shampooed or leather seats cleaned and conditioned.


Valet offers worry-free, no drip Oil Gard rustproofing packages for cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and even larger commercial vehicles. As an added bonus, their rustproofing service includes a complimentary exterior wash. Also, customers with a Velocity unlimited wash membership get 15% off on rustproofing!

Friendly Staff

Everyone loves their service with a smile, which is what you get at Valet Car Wash. With many well trained, attentive and hard working employees, its no wonder people love this car wash! There is always someone available to give assistance, or answer your questions.

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Comfortable Waiting Room

While waiting for an interior clean to complete you can enjoy the comfort of the waiting room, complete with free Wifi, coffee, television and plenty of drinks and snacks for sale. You can also browse their selection of car products for sale.

The Best Car Wash in Cambridge

Overall, Greg picks Valet Car Wash as the best car wash in Cambridge. Valet takes great care of vehicles with attention to detail and charm that you don’t see as often these days. Since Greg is such a big fan of their car wash, Greg Vann Nissan offers a free car wash coupon for Valet with our paid service appointments.

Valet Car Wash Location

We highly recommend visiting Valet Car Wash for yourself! They are located at 2396 Eagle St. N, Cambridge, ON. You can find them right behind our car dealership! Just follow the same driveway all the way to the back of the lot. Or you can visit Valet Car Wash’s Website!